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Jan 10, 2010

Bonita's World Photography

Sometimes you get the pleasure of meeting someone before they become famous. That kid that you went to high school with that became the drummer in a rock band. That girl you worked with at the college library with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. You can watch them on the tv and tell your kids "Hey I knew that person!". Better yet, sometimes that person is actually a close, personal friend of yours.
I have the privilege of being friends with a woman whose up-and-coming photography will surely make headlines. Danielle Hadnott has recently launched her website Bonita's World; a full-service photography site aimed at unleashing the hidden potential in all earthly things. After a long history of working in the fashion industry, she studied at NYC's International Center of Photography to help cultivate her long-standing passion for all things beautiful. A down-to-earth gal, she sees the beauty in things that someone might not look at twice. Being an academic, a business woman, and a fashionista, one would think that Miss Hadnott is an intimidating package. However, half of her talent is making her clients feel comfortable. She's a professional, but is easy to relate to. Her infectious laughter makes it easy for clients to relax. She is passionate about fashion, travel, pop-culture, and life in general.

Since I already know quite a bit about this fine lady, I figured I'd dig a little deeper to find out what truly inspires her:
-Who is your style icon?:
-Katharine Hepburn. She wasn't fussy and dressed for comfort. I love how she wore classic, well-fitting clothes (like tweed trousers with a white button-down), but she always threw in a cool twist to elevate it to stylish. Like a long pearl necklace or a wide cinched belt. A little masculine but you knew she was all woman.
-Who inspires you daily?:
-I'm inspired by my parents. I know it's cliche, but
they keep me going in the right direction. Unconditional love is SOOOO under-rated. Plus my dad passed on a serious addiction to the finer things in life, from which I never want to recover!
-What's the one beauty product you can't live without?:
-Bobbi Brown sheer color gloss! It's great for your lips and gives you just a hint of color. I'm not a lipstick girl. I have these stashed everywhere.

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  1. Nice intro piece, Ms Hadnott! We'll be looking out to see the world according to you!! Congrats :o)

    Dawn W.



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