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Apr 20, 2013

Warm weather necessity: Ouidad's Wave Create collection

Nobody can deny that when warm weather comes around, everyone wants beach hair.  It's sexy, and, thanks to new Wave Create products from Ouidad, it's easy no matter what your hair texture is.  Even gals with pin straight hair can achieve beach hair, and they don't have to worry about parabens, sulfates, silicones, or synthetic dyes damaging their tresses.  
The trick to beachy waves comes directly from Nature; ocean-derived seawater gives natural salts that help create a soft wave pattern in the hair, while seaweed and algae nourish the hair so it doesn't feel crunchy or dry.  Every hair type can enjoy this collection, with a Sea Spray for those with natural wavy or curly hair, and a really unique Texture Taffy for wavy or straight hair.        

Wave Create Sea Spray
Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray ($23)
How it works:
-Natural seawater and sea salt crystals create texture and volume.   
-Algae extracts condition the hair, and contain B12 amino acids for hair strength.  
-Sea Kelp contains vitamins and minerals for moisture and shine. 
-Vitamin B5 adds more moisture and helps with hair strength.  
How to use it:
Spray liberally on damp hair and scrunch upwards to enhance your own natural wave pattern. You can let hair dry naturally (aka, perfect to carry in your gym or beach bag) or you can blow dry with a diffuser.  

Wave Create Texture Taffy
This product is really an original as far as I'm concerned.  Don't get this confused with a Pomade because it's a totally different texture that dries to a matte finish without any weird residue.  I'm officially in love with this stuff.  
How it works:
-Marine Complex™, Sea Kelp, and Algae Extract are high in vitamins and minerals to really nourish the hair.  
-Milk Thistle Extract, a botanical rich in antioxidants, adds even more moisturize to the hair.  
How to use it:
Use a nickel-sized scoop and rub hands together to warm it up.  Scrunch upwards to encourage wave formation, continuing until there’s no visible cream on ends.  You can let it dry naturally or dry with a diffuser.  

If you live in NYC, you can take advantage of this deal from Ouidad salon until May 31st:

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