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May 30, 2012

Current hair woes

Short hair can be fun, funky, or super chic.  Long hair can be glamorous and sexy.  Short hair is low maintenance.  Long hair can be styled in so many different ways.  So why all the back and forth for me?  Well I recently chopped my long hair.  I was looking for a change for sure, but I mostly felt like the long hair was getting to be too much to maintain.  Is it just me or is there not a lot out there directed at long locks in the hair care world?  Sure if it's dry, fine, curly, oily, straight, etc, there are a plethora of products out there for you... but how many products out there address the problems that long-haired gals often suffer with?  My big problem was that my hair is on the finer side, so it tends to be weighed down by heavier products that add shine and important nutrients to the hair.  Maybe it looked healthy but it often looked flat.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are girls out there who have full, glamorous long hair but maybe the ends look a little dry or lackluster.
Cue Kerastase's new Cristalliste line.  This line was specifically targeting my type of hair, and yet I didn't know that this product came out recently (maybe April?).  As someone who takes pride in knowing about all the new beauty products that come out, imagine this crushing blow to my beauty esteem knowing that there was a sample of this just sitting in a Birchbox somewhere whilst I was at Cutler getting my hair chopped off.  (Here's the thing though, my hair looks kind of friggin awesome now that it's short.  Jenny B from Cutler gave me a cut that I never imagined would be so easy to maintain and really accentuates my face shape and long neck.  Who even knew I had a long neck?  Now I don't know what to do?  Do I grow my hair back out or do I keep it short?  So much to think about.)
So anyways, while I contemplate about growing my hair back out, it's nice to know that this line is out there.  And I figure I better spread the word before any of you make drastic-6-inches-or-more-decisions in regards to your hair.
These products feature the Kerastase Liquid Light Complex, which (without getting into all the science that I don't understand) means that the hair reflects light like a crystal would.  Hair is left cleansed, but not stripped, and shiny, but not weighed down.  It's just fluid-like, luminous, and polished.
Bain Cristal for long/fine hair ($38)- Oh this is so me.  Or was me anyways.  Weighed down by heavy products.  Shiny in some parts, lackluster in others.  This Bain Cristal is a high-foaming formula to cleanse the hair, but doesn't STRIP the hair because it's silicone, colorant, and paraben-free.  It's very lightweight so it allows long hair to keep its body.  Just hearing about it I imagine myself in a convertible letting my long hair flow behind me in the wind.  Sigh....

Bain Cristal for long/thick hair ($38)- If this is you, you're a lucky duck!  I always envy those girls with the long, thick hair, but I certainly don't envy the amount of time or arm strength it would take to blow your hair out.  This product (also colorant, silicone, and paraben-free) focuses on healthy hair, rather than stipping the hair, much like the version for thinner hair.  

Lait Cristal ($39)- The biggest problem with long hair, whether thick or thin, is dry ends.  This conditioner combats dry ends with Aloe Vera, which natural is rich in vitamins and amino acids to restore and protect the hair cuticle.

Lumiere Liquide ($42)- Here's where long-haired gals usually get in trouble: leave-in treatments/serums/conditions.  They tend to be heavy and don't do much for the hair's health.  They tend to just temporarily seal the damaged hair cuticle, but can be pretty dull looking, or unnaturally shiny.  This lightweight, light-reflecting leave-in treatment gives you shine without greasiness or heaviness.  In my opinion, this is the must-have product in the line if you had to choose just one.  But knowing me I'm going to go get the whole collection....

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