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Oct 12, 2011

Too Faced Holiday palettes

My makeup obsession, Too Faced, has come out with their Holiday palettes, but you're not going to want to buy one for someone else without buying one for yourself.  Brand creator, Jerrod Blandino, takes us down fantasy lane with his Dreams palettes, from the pretty packaging to the product inside.

I'm going to start with the smallest palette, a stocking stuffer if you will, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a ton of product inside.  The Glamour To Go palettes have become quite popular for Too Faced, because basically everything you need is inside a compact the that weighs about as much as my Iphone.

Now Too Faced has come up with the Dream Edition of the Glamour To Go palette for holiday, with 8 eyeshadows, a lip gloss, a universally-flattering coral blush, and a bronzer.  All for... wait for it...$22!

Now let's upgrade to an Ipad-sized product (though it's the same size, it definitely weighs less, so it's purse-friendly).  The In Your Dreams makeup collection is only $39, contains 9 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, and 3 lip colors.  On the inside cover there are Jerrod's how-to tips, but the outside cover is so pretty you may not want to use anything inside.  Ok, ok, it's pretty, but you'll actually want to use EVERYTHING inside.  With these colors and Jerrod's tips, you can achieve a natural beauty look, then upgrade to a more flirty look, or go for the full-on smokey eye seductress look.  It's a very versatile palette for the price, and it makes a great gift because it's so lightweight.

And saving the best for last... though I have no random Apple-product-reference to compare it to...
Too Faced Sweet Dreams makeup collection ($52)- This Sephora exclusive palette is just too delicious for me to give away as a gift!  There are 15 eyeshadows.  FIFTEEN.  There are also 2 blushes, a full size Shadow Insurance primer, a Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer, and a Candlelight Glow highlighter.  And Jerrod would never make an amazing palette like this without his signature How-To cards to show you how to create a stunning face with the colors inside.  This kit is an estimated $182 value for only $52.

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