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Jul 16, 2011

Beauty minis: La Fresh Eco-Beauty travel packs

As I've said before, I'm definitely one of those people who overpacks so that I'm prepared for any on-the-road beauty situation that may arise. I think La Fresh may just be a life-saver for me (and my aching back)! They have an array of moist towelettes that can be bought in individually-wrapped packets for on-the-go use, or in a 24-wipe resealable pouch. Each of the wipes has natural aromatherapy and are 100% biodegradable.
I took their Eco-Beauty Trial & Travel Pack ($4.99 for 8 packets, $9.99 for 18 packets) on this vacation with me since I wanted to try a variety of choices, and, true to form, their was a need for for each packet. Sand and salt-water killed my manicure, but fortunately their was an acetone-free nail polish remover wipe in the kit. Score. Then silly me went out with the girls a few nights and didn't feel like washing my face before bed, which is an awful crime to commit on the skin, but the kit also contained a waterproof makeup remover wipe, and 2 oil-free face cleanser wipes. There are 3 hand sanitizer wipes (which there is always a need for) and as a bonus, there is an instant body soother to literally wipe away your stress. In my days on this trip I blasted through the 8-pack of wipes, so I think I'll definitely upgrade to the 18 packets for the next trip.Here's a little info on each type:

Acetone-free nail polish remover- removes polish while it's conditioning. Contains aloe, glycerin, rosemary, and vitamin E. Added bonus: it smells AMAZING with its Tuscan orange aromatherapy.

Healthy hand sanitizer- moisturizes with aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E while naturally eliminating germs. These wipes have natural Satsuma orange aromatherapy.
Instant Body Soother- made to wipe out stress with natural peppermint aromatherapy. You can wipe on fatigued skin or even on your temples and breathe in the benefits of a natural 6-oil blend. Contains olive, jojoba, grapeseed and peppermint oils combined with vitamin E.

Oil-free face cleanser (naturally-fragranced or fragrance-free)- purifies skin with aloe, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, marshmallow, jojoba, and vitamins C & E. The naturally-fragranced version is scented with yuzu aromatherapy.
Waterproof makeup remover- this was my favorite of the bunch because I was immediately calmed by the natural lavender aromatherapy. This also nourishes skin with a 6-oil blend of olive, jojoba, sesame, grapeseed, vitamin E, and lavender.

These are just the wipes that I brought with me, but La Fresh has SO many more varieties to choose from. For more info, please visit

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