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May 23, 2010

Borris Powell Fall 2010 collection

After meeting Borris Powell (all happiness and sunshine) you can’t help but wish him the best in his career. After you see his clothes, you realize why he’s so happy. He puts his whole heart in to these garments. It’s no surprise either that his influences are his mother and the strong women in his life. Borris is the kind of creative genius we all would like to be. He's constantly dreaming of how to make women feel beautiful in his garments, and always trying to see the beauty in things we might not typically find beautiful. Take his Fall 2010 collection for instance.

The collection was inspired by a trip to Rome where he was particularly awed by the tremendous columns left standing in many of the ruins. Though these architectural remains might not be every one's idea of "beautiful", it was to Borris. Thus the idea of The Rise Of An Empress was born. Some of the gowns are directly inspired by the Italian landscape, while others are inspired by the idea of a female Roman leader that is strong, powerful, and intelligent (much like the women who inspire Borris every day).

I cannot even begin to describe the intricacies of this dress. This is a hand-sewn felt and mesh piece that is light as air.

You may see this dress on one of your favorite Real Housewives shows. (images of Borris Powell below are courtesy of Giuliano Correia).

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