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Apr 15, 2010

Pink is my favorite color

I realize that I'm a New Yorker and it's supposed to be all black, all the time, but I can't help loving the color pink. The color pink has also become a symbol of hope as the color of Breast Cancer Awareness. Since I will be participating in the Revlon Run/Walk on May 1st (my 5th year in a row!), I've decided to celebrate some of the pink products that are donating part of their proceeds to finding a cure.

Conair's "Power of Pink" line is donating 85 cents of every dollar earned to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The line includes this 1/2 mini ceramic straightening iron for $19.99:

Another highlight from the line is this mini blow dryer with diffuser for $19.99:

Swiss army knife ($18):
'Cause every girl should have one of these somewhere in her apartment. Why not in pink?

$1 from each of the pink Swiss Army Knives sold is donated to Susan G. Komen for the cure.

If you don't know about this already, you've probably been living under a rock somewhere. Kitchen Aid has a full line of cook's gear saturated in pink, and the proceeds go to finding a cure for breast cancer. If you dabble in cooking, or if you're a full-blown Food Network star, there's something on the line that you could use in your home. I personally have all sorts of random pieces, like knives and ice cream scoopers, but am planning on upgrading to a gem like this pink Artisan stand mixer:

The Hope candle:
Even candle-junkies like myself can make a donation by purchasing the Hope candle by Root candles ($30). These 100% beeswax candles come in 3 different fragrances that are meant to stimulate the senses: Port Cozumel (like being on an island vacation), Golden Chrysanthemum (smells like a meadow of flowers), and Fresh Lime Blossom (my personal favorite; fresh, clean, and slightly citrus-y).

There's always a way to make a difference, I just personally choose to make one swathed in pink.
Finally, besides purchases that can help the cause, there is a truly unique and amazing website out there for women who are living with or have survived breast cancer. Being the social networker that I am, I was excited to hear that the website is an online breast cancer support community that enables women to reach out to other women who are going through the same struggles. Thousands of women have been able to connect thanks to the pioneering efforts of breast cancer survivor, Vicki Tashman. Tashman survived breast cancer by being pro-active in researching doctors and treatments, but didn't feel like there was online support that could connect her to others battling the disease. Taking cues from all the social networking sites out there, she founded Pink Link where women can talk to each other, blog, and get vital research information.

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  1. I love this, especially the pink swiss army knife! I subscribed to your blog on bloglovin, hope you do the same for me.

    - Cassandra,



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