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Feb 2, 2010

An Interview with Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution

Jane Carter created the Jane Cater Solution with every person in mind. The hope is that this hair care line can be used on anyone, regardless of ethnicity, while simultaneously being eco-friendly. I was fortunate enough to talk to this hair guru about how she got her start. Imagine my surprise when a simple question ("What made you to start your own hair care line?") turned in to an in-depth conversation with an incredibly intelligent woman. I can't begin to write here all the things I learned in our little chat, but I can certainly give you the most memorable parts.
After working in the salon industry for 20 years, she was surprised to find that there was no single line that catered to an entire range of hair textures that she could prescribe to her various clients. Straight, kinky, curly, wavy... her family and her clients all had different hair, so it seemed natural that there should be something to suit all those people. On top of that, she developed an allergy and became hyper-sensitive to a lot of products out there. That's when she started to read the labels on products and became freaked out by all the crazy ingredients: petrolium, alcohol, silicone, etc...stuff that you wouldn't put IN your body, so why would you put it on your skin?
On a mission to find something natural she could recommend to her clients, she developed her nourishing serum for hair to put back the nutrients that are lost after being treated chemically. This contains 100% natural essential oils so they can be absorbed into the hair quickly and not leave it feeling heavy. Then she took it a step farther and actually started breaking down the ingredients in our hair products, using basic fundamental chemistry formulations, to find ways to make other products without using toxic ingredients. This is definitely not as easy as she makes it sound. There is a reason that most companies don't use these natural ingredients and the bottom line is that it's less expensive for them to use the bad stuff than it is to use the good stuff. But to Jane Carter it's a question of integrity. She stated, quite simply, "Why would I make something I wouldn't want my daughter to put on her hair or skin?". This is one of the reasons that they use 100% certified organic growers for their ingredients. And she encourages consumers to take charge of their health (and hair) by becoming more label-savvy. Forget what you thought you knew about hair care and take a few tips from this woman.
And so I asked "You have gorgeous hair, what is your hair care routine?"
When she travels she flat irons her hair, but normally she's a wash-n-wear gal. She just uses her Hair Nourishing Cream, scrunches, and goes. She says the key is to keep your hair hydrated, and keep your scalp healthy, and one of the tricks is to wash your hair regularly. This seems obvious, but every curly girl who straightens their hair knows that it's annoying to wash every few days. But you must do it to take care of your scalp! Also, on those days that you're staying straight and not washing, she recommends spritzing on some leave-in-conditioner before you touch up with your flat iron.
A hair care line that can be used on anyone and is good for Mother Earth? What could be better? Product reviews coming soon!

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  1. I agree, what could be better?!? I absolutely love Jane Carter Solution products, my fav is Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner....great for moisture and protection against heat styling.

    FYI - her products are now available at Targetr!



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