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Sep 13, 2019

Today's the day! The New Urban Decay Naked Honey palette is available now!

If you're anything like me, you lose your mind when a new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette comes out. Ok, anything Urban Decay really. But especially the palettes. As a makeup artist, I find them ESSENTIAL for my kit. But more than anything, I'm just a junkie for their color ranges and the creamy texture of their shadows (even though they are powders).
The newest launch is the Naked Honey palette, and it's a combo of the most delicious warm neutrals, shimmers, and metallics I think I've ever laid eyes on. These shades are super complementary for most skin tones, in my opinion.
Let's have a look at this gorgeousness!

Taken inside 

Outside in indirect light

Outside in direct sunlight

I can't get enough of these shades. You have your perfect matte base shades that will get tons of use, like Flyby, Sweet, and Swarm. Then these beautiful shimmers and metallics like Golden, Honey, and HBIC. And then of course Sting is the perfect warm matte chocolate to smoke any of the looks out or to use as a liner. I have literally bought all of the Naked palettes that have ever been made (yes, even the specialized ones like Naked Cherry and Naked Heat), but... I know it's early to say this... but this may be my favorite one they've ever done!

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