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May 17, 2016

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003

We all know Pat McGrath is a makeup genius, but would you pay $72 to buy one of her highlighters? I bought BOTH OF THEM (that's right, $144 for 2 highlighting kits) to help you decide if it's worth it to you. By the way, that's not even inclusive of tax. 
When McGrath announced she was launching her own makeup line, instead of just collaborating with other brands as she's done in the past, people basically lost their minds. Myself included. Her first launch, Gold 001, was a gold pigment that sold out ridiculously fast. Not in need of a gold pigment, and not fast enough to get on the website even if I wanted it, I passed on that opportunity. Her second launch, Phantom 002, was a plethora of gorgeous pigments, included a blackest black, fuschias, and blue, but at a price tag of $240 I could not participate. Now here we are with Skin Fetish 003 at $72 a pop, and 2 available colors. I figured if there were ever a time to pull the trigger, why not do it with highlighters? We all know I have a fetish for highlighters (see what I did there?).

So here's the thing, friends: you don't NEED both highlighters.  Just as I didn't NEED to buy both of them and use my blog as an excuse to review the products.  Will you want both?  Probably.  I did.  And I'm glad I have both of them.  I'm a medium skin tone that can get pretty dark in the sun, and pretty darn pale in the winter.  For me, both might actually be necessary.  At this moment, I can easily wear both shades.  If you have a darker skin tone you'll definitely want to go for the Golden shade, versus the Nude shade.  The balm is clear on both of them (on one end of the highlighter/balm duo stick), and the pigment sort of looks the same at first glance, but they are very different. 

From left to right: Pigment 003 from Nude shade, Highlighter stick from Nude shade, Highlighter stick from Golden shade, Pigment 003 from Golden shade 

Of course, McGrath's Skin Fetish 003 shades are all mega-impact with very little effort.  They're totally fool-proof as far as I'm concerned.  The balm can be used basically all over the face: on the lids, for a shiny, but not greasy look, on the cupid's bow to highlight the lip without looking garish, or in conjunction with the Highlighter Stick or the Pigment 003.  Here are some swatches on my skin so you can see how the individual products look.  

Highlighter Stick in Nude
Highlighter Stick in Golden

Added the Pigment 003 in Nude on top of the Highlighter Stick

Added the Pigment 003 in Golden on top of the Highlighter Stick

So, like I said, did I need to buy both?  Eh, probably not.  Am I glad that I did?  100%.  I barely had to put in any work for that highlight and my skin feels radiant, but not like I'm wearing anything at all.  I'm in love.  Just what I would expect from Pat McGrath Labs.  

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