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May 13, 2016

Beauty By Benz Approved: Youth To The People

Youth To The People is a foolproof skincare regimen that is gaining cult status for its chic simplicity.  Sometimes more is less, kids.  Forget about weird chemicals that you don't want to put on your skin.  This brand believes in superfoods inside and outside of the body, so their skincare line reflects that.  It's a simple 3-step process (cleanser, serum, and moisturizer) made of ingredients like kale, spinach, and green tea.  It's great for all skin types, which has served me really well in moving across the country and facing all different types of climates, but we'll talk more on that later.  Let's talk about the 3 products on the YTTP line.      
Age Prevention Moisture Cream ($48)
This super lightweight moisturizer smells faintly of greens (don't worry, it's not overpowering) so you know the ingredients are legit.  The smell is all natural, because there are no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or artificial colors in any of the products.  
Age Prevention Cleanser ($36)
This is surprisingly my favorite product on the line, which is interesting because I don't generally like face wash.  I'm more of a micellar water type-of-gal.  This cleanser, however, is just the right amount of light suds to cleanse the skin, but not dry it out.  The scent is very light as well, smelling slightly of green tea.  
Age Prevention Firm and Brighten Serum ($62)
This serum uses Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and kale to promote collagen synthesis in the skin.  Vitamin C is my absolute favorite ingredient in any skincare product because it helps with dark spots/hype-rpigmentation.  I use at least one Vitamin C product on my skin every day.

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