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Apr 21, 2016

The New Dove Campaign Kicks So Much Ass

I have loved Dove for so long, but their newest ad campaign just about made my heart explode this morning (in a good way).  As a biracial woman, I know a thing or two about women being made to feel that their hair is not something to be cherished.  I won't go on one of my diatribes here about how women are oppressed SO MANY WAYS, including how society makes us view the hair of women of color, because I do that all the time and will continue to fight the good fight.  I'm not going to do that here, because Dove is doing it for me today.  See the amazing video for yourself, and then check out some of the statistics below.  It's important for women to lift each other up, and sometimes all it takes is the cold, hard facts about how society has made us feel about our hair to realize we have work to do.  I'm so appreciative to Dove for sharing this message!
Did you happen to peep one of my fellow XoVain writers in the video (the very cool and pretty Sable Yong)?!  Anyways, let's talk stats, because these are very important.  Dove found out the following sad, but not so surprising statistics:
-81% of women feel that the hair we see in advertisements and in the media makes women in general feel bad about the hair they have. 
-Only 11% of women love everything about their hair and wouldn't change anything about it.  
-90% of women agree that they need to embrace their own hair and stop comparing themselves to others. 
-3 in 4 women believe they would have greater self-conifidence if they didn't feel that they were being judged by their hair. 

Those are some harsh numbers folks.  We can do better!  Let's start now.  Let's embrace each other as women (starting with ourselves, please!  You are beautiful!) and fix this.    

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