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Feb 19, 2016

Benz On A Budget: NYX Strobe Of Genius Palette

I love highlighters.  Call them what you will: highlighter, luminizer, illuminating powder (or cream), strobing product.  Whatever you call them, they're my favorite beauty product.  I was invited to the new NYX store opening in the Willowbrook mall in New Jersey last night.  Now, normally I never go to Jersey.  This is not a snobbery thing, this is a not-having-a-car thing.  But when I heard NYX was opening its first East Coast store I was 100% going to go and see it.  The place is legit floor-to-ceiling makeup.  It's what dreams are made of.  I went home with too much stuff to discuss in this one place, so I figure I'll just talk about my favorite product I brought home.  The Strobe Of Genius palette has 7 highlighting colors, most of which are great on all different types of skin tones.      
Basically every color in it is good.  DO NOT BE SCARED OF THE LAVENDER.  Lavender is your friend.  It is brightening!  There's gold, there's rose gold, there's bronze... what's not to love?  
I am a subtle makeup kind-of-gal, so use a little for a natural effect, or use a lot!  The powders are lightweight and great for layering.  You can add to the brow region, the tops of the cheekbones, your cupid's bow (above your lip), or any area you really want to emphasize on your face.

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