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Jan 8, 2016

Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Collection

It's almost time!  The newest additions to the Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay collection will be available online January 12th, and in stores starting in February.  Obviously the eyeshadow palette was a huge hit, but now Gwennie Poo is adding a blush palette, a Brow Box, lipsticks and lipliners to the collection.  NOW I CAN BE JUST LIKE GWEN.  Ok, I'll try not to get too stalker-ish about it, but it really is a solid collection.  
Let's start with the fact that he packaging alone is adorable.

The Blush Palette ($45) has 6 wearable shades.  Depending on your skin tone some of them can be used as highlighter shades.  I feel super lucky with this palette (I'm a medium skin tone that tans easily in summer months) because I can use Lo-Fi as a contour color, Angel and Hush can be used as a highlighter, and the other 2 shades I can use as blush shades.
From left to right: Cherry, Easy, Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush, and OC.  

The Brow Box ($30) in Bathwater Blonde is actually my favorite of the whole collection.  So simple, but so adorable.  It's 4.5 x 6 x 2.5 CM.  So tiny, but such a brilliant idea to include a mini tweezer in the box!  I never have to go around without my eyebrows being on point.

The 2 brow colors are both taupe in nature.  The shade on the left is slightly darker, so good for brown brows.  The shade on the right is perfect for my blondies.  

The Lipstick ($18 each) and Lipliner ($20 each) all come in corresponding colors.  There are 7 shades in all, but I've only collected 5 of them so far.  I think I need all of them!  Ex-Girlfriend is the most perfect nude shade for me.  While Firebird is an incredible purple-y-fuschia.  The reds are all perfection, of course.  Spiderweb is the perfect glossy red, and 714 is such a creamy matte!  Guaranteed your lips will not feel dry with that one.  
From left to right: Ex-Girlfriend, Firebird, Spiderweb, 714, and Rocksteady.  Missing shades are Phone Call and Wonderland.  
Today I used the lighter shade from the Brow Box to sculpt my brows.  I used neutral shades from the Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette on my eyes, and then used Danger with a wet brush as an eyeliner.  From the blush palette I used Angel as a highlighter, Lo-Fi to contour, and Easy as a pop color on the apples of my cheeks.  And last, but certainly not least, I used Firebird on my lips.

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