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Dec 11, 2015

Pat McGrath Labs Introduces Phantom 002

Did you miss out on Gold 001?  You can still redeem yourself in a big, bad way.  Phantom 002 is here.  At noon on Tuesday, December 15th, you can be one of 1200 people to get their hands on one of the limited edition Phantom 002 kits on Pat McGrath's website.
Phantom 002 is $240 and comes with Gold 002 pigment, Blue 002 pigment, Copper 002 pigment, Fuschia 002 Eye Blush, Black 002 eye gloss, Black Caviar Gel Liner, Blender Brush 002, and Flat Brush 002.  Is this insane, or what?  This is not to be missed.    
In case you were wondering, yes, Gold 001 and 002 are different.  002 is said to be even more intense and reflective as the first.  Black 002 eye gloss is also supposed to be insanely pigmented and glossy.     

And of course everything comes in a sequins bag, this time with black holographic glitter.

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