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Dec 31, 2015

Beauty By Benz Approved: CLEAN Reserve

I'm a longtime fan of CLEAN fragrances, so there may be a little bias on my part when writing this post, but they're trying to do something for the fragrance world that people should've been doing for a while now.  They're trying to be eco-friendly! The fact that nobody has thought of this until now kind of blows my mind, but it does give me another great reason to support my favorite fragrance brand.
The concept is simple: blend fragrances with sustainable ingredients.  So each fragrance has its sustainable ingredient that it's based of off.   Below are all the fragrances in the collection and the sustainable ingredient that is mixed in.
Blonde Rose- Sandalwood.
Sueded Oud- Bushman's Candle 
Amber Saffron- Mandarin Oil
Smoked Vetiver- Myrrh and Vetiver
Velvet Flora- Bergamot Oil
Terra Woods- Madagascar Vanilla
And some of our old favorite CLEAN fragrances have Reserve Blends as well!
Skin Reserve Blend- Copaiba Oil
Warm Cotton Reserve Blend- Benzoin
Rain Reserve Blend- Haitian Vetiver
I should also mention that these bottle are GIANT, unless, of course, you go with the 6 piece travel size collection pictured above (which is a great way to experience the collection without having to purchase the full size bottles).  Of course I already own 2 full size products, but am considering the travel collection and/or purchasing the Skin Reserve Blend, because Skin is my all-time favorite CLEAN fragrance.  But right now I'm really enjoying Blonde Rose and Sueded Oud, which I can wear separately but have been wearing together.

Blonde Rose is interesting to me because it doesn't scream typical, cloying rose.  It's a much sexier fragrance than when you typically think of rose.  Obviously that comes from the sustainable Sandalwood, but also Cedarwood, Jasmine, and, surprisingly, lime.  It's actually a really well-balanced floral, rather than the overpowering florals I tend to stay away from.
Sueded Oud is hella sexy.  It's like somehow they made my favorite candle (Feu De Bois by Diptyque) into a wearable fragrance.  The combo of ingredients, like Night Blooming Jasmine, Praline, Amber, and Birch Wood is like nothing I've ever worn.  But the really exciting ingredient is the Bushman's Candle, because it is sustainable and helps support the Himba tribe of Namibia.
In short, I think that a lot of other companies need to step up their game now.  CLEAN Reserve has set the bar for sustainable fragrance making at a mass retailer level (fragrances are sold at Sephora).               

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