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Nov 10, 2015

New Facial Oils I Can't Get Enough Of

There's just about nothing I love more than a good facial oil.  Recently I've decided to cut back on my oil usage ever-so-slightly because I was probably over-doing it, and I'm really into gel-cream moisturizers at the moment.  That being said, I'll never EVER quit using face oils completely.  I use them almost every night and a lot on the weekends, and will certainly be using them in the harsh winter months.  Since I'm cutting back on my face oil use, I'm on the hunt for perfection.  I've recently discovered these 2 face oils and am completely and utterly obsessed.

Herbivore Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil 
The reason I've cut back on my face oils during the day is because I've been over-doing it and looking like an oil slick during the day, so I was excited to see an "oil balancing" face oil.  Basically, you get all the magic and moisture of a facial oil, but without it clogging your pores.  It's basically perfect.  Vegan.  Alcohol-free.  All natural ingredients.  And, unlike any facial oil I've ever used, it counteracts redness because of blue ingredients like Blue Tansy, Blue Yarrow, and Blue Chamomile.  It also contains Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Coconut, and Kukui Oil.  Weirdly, you would think this would be a strong-smelling oil but it hardly gives off a smell at all, which I love.  Sebum is balanced, skin is calmed, and skin is hydrated.  I'm definitely in love and need to try more of their products.        

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Oil 
This new face oil is made up of 99.9% Camelina Oil, so this is another naturally sourced oil.  It's cold-pressed, so you get the maximum benefits of the oil, which is rich in fatty acids.  It's also derived from a plant (Camelina Sativa) that is known to be able to thrive in extreme sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic.  What this means for your skin is that it's being protected by an oil that will certainly be able to protect your skin in a harsh New York winter.
Besides the protection it gives the skin against Mother Nature, his oil also has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but the real beauty is in the texture.  It's so lightweight and absorbs so quickly into the skin.      

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