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Nov 9, 2015

Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay

November 22nd could end up being one of the best days of my life.  That is the day, dear friends, that the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette comes out.  It's also perfect timing, since my birthday is November 25th and nobody can dare to tell me I can't buy another eyeshadow palette during this time period.  Also, I don't think anyone would dare tell me I can't have something that has to do with my girl crush, Gwen, and makeup.  Not anyone who wanted to remain amongst the living, that is.
Anyways, let's not get side-tracked.  Here's what we know about the palette:
-15 shades total.  12 of the shades are NEW and 3 are some of Gwen's existing must-have shades.
-The packaging is crazy cute and oh-so-stefani-esque.
-UD Founder, Wende Zomnir, and Gwen spent countless hours at Gwen's house working on the palette and talking about all things makeup-related.  (This is where I demand to know why I wasn't there).
-It's a lot of delicious neutrals, which we all know Urban Decay is the best at, but then there are some sick jewel tones thrown in there to mix things up.  WHAT IS THAT ELECTRIC BLUE?  And the gold shade next to it?  I spy 8 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades at first glance.

This guy is going to sell out fast, and it is limited edition, so make sure you get your hands on one near the 22nd of the month!  In the meantime, let's enjoy some images of Gwen at the launch party event they had in West Hollywood recently.

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