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Oct 19, 2015

Mud Masking From Head To Toe

I have a love/hate relationship with mud masks.  I love the idea of all the toxins getting sucked right out of my pores, but hadn't found many that I truly love.  I tend to embrace more of the moisturizing masks, like honey masks, rather than the detoxifying clay versions.  But, seemingly all at once, I found masks I like that I can use from head to toe.  Quite literally.

For hair: 
Dessange Paris Balancing Pre-Shampoo Mask 
Yes, that's right.  There is a clay mask for your hair.  I've done many a hair mask in my day, but never a clay version.  Dry shampoo lovers, and oily folks in general, will love this because it's to control oils for a more balanced scalp.  Sounds great, right?  And it's not actually too over-drying since you only use it once a week.  Don't worry about not being able to get it all out of your hair.  Even though, in my opinion, it washes out of the hair nicely, there is also a Balancing Shampoo that will get all the goop out that was left behind.  Also, I feel like an artiste applying it with the included brush.  It's the little things in life.    

For face:
Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask 
I'm just going to go ahead and say it; this is my favorite face mask I've ever used.  Hands down.  A lofty statement, I know, but also a true one.  There's so many things I like about this mask, mostly the way my skin feels after I use it.  My skin feels like baby skin after, because fruit acids gently exfoliate without drying or ripping the skin.  It certainly doesn't feel dry, but somehow all the impurities are still sucked out of my skin.  Secretly, though, one of my favorite parts about the mask is the removal process.  Instead of just letting it dry and then washing it off, you are supposed to rub the mask off, gently, with your fingertips, and then rinse the remainder away.  It doesn't sound as amazing as it is until you've tried it.  You won't want to remove a mask any other way.    

For body:
The Body Shop Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and/or The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay
It's too hard to decide between these body masks, so they're both on the list.  The Rhassoul body clay is for firming/tightening, while the Charcoal Body Clay is for purifying/detoxifying.  I mean...who doesn't need BOTH?
Rhassoul clay is loved by Moroccan women for its ability to absorb water and tighten the skin up, so this one goes on my stomach, butt, and thighs.  Charcoal is an age-old beauty secret that has recently been resurfacing because of its ability to draw imperfections out of the skin.  This is great for anybody who gets body acne.  I get some annoying bits on my back near the area my sports bra covers, so this mask gets slathered all over my back, and sometimes on my upper arms in the back.  But don't worry about either formula being too drying, because they're enriched with fair trade, organic sesame oil from Nicaragua.    

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