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Oct 27, 2015

Easy Halloween Nail Art by JINsoon

When it comes to nail art, I'm pretty subpar.  I can paint my nails well, but when it comes to the "art" part, you'll find my skills to be pretty inadequate.  I need my nail art to be EASY.  If it's not super simple, I'm likely not able to do it.  This spiderweb nail tutorial from JINsoon is, thankfully, about as easy as it gets!

-Start with a base coat, like JINsoon's Power Coat.
-Apply 2 coats of JINsoon's Kookie White.
-Start at the side of your nail, and draw 3 lines out towards the opposite side of the nail, using a striping brush.  Use a black, like JINsoon's Nocturne.
-Once the 3 lines are drawn, connect them all to form the strands of the spiderweb.
-Finish with a top coat, like JINsoon's Top Gloss.

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