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Sep 22, 2015

Beauty By Benz Approved: The Body Shop Oils Of Life Skin Care Collection

I've been itching to talk about all the cool, new, eco-friendly stuff that The Body Shop is up to lately, but I wanted to really test out their new skin care collection before posting my thoughts on it.  I've been using the Oils of Life skin care collection for a full month, and can safely say that I'm in love.  The line is powered by 3 potent seed oils, that are packed with nutrients for the skin; black cumin, camellia, and rosehip see oils.  They are cold-pressed to get the very most out of the oils, because, like with all our fancy cold-pressed green juices, once you add heat you lose some of your potency.  So these oils are cold-pressed so that they're the absolute freshest they can possibly be when they're added to the products.

The line is a 3-step regimen, starting with an Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion.  The name can be a little deceiving because it's not a lotion at all, but a water/oil combo liquid that you'd use in the place of a toner.  Those who are in-the-know with Korean skin care regimens are already privy to all the cool things a facial essence does, but basically this formula is the first thing to go on your skin after cleansing, giving it moisture without feeling heavy.

Next up is the Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil, and, as a love of facial oils, I can testify that this stuff is pure gold.  It's SUPER lightweight and non-greasy compared to a lot of my other face oils, so it's been perfection in the warm weather.  Also, the good folks at The Body Shop recommended to me to go a drop at a time, which is new for me.  I'm more of a pour-all-of-it-at-once type, so going a drop at a time was pretty much the same scenario as actually tasting my food, or not chugging a delicious alcoholic beverage.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.  I've learned that 4 little droplets, rather than the whole amount that's in the dropper, covers my whole face.  It leaves my skin moisturized and primed for the next step in the routine, and not covered in oil like it was with my usual routine.    
The last step in the routine is the moisturizer.  The Intensely Revitalizing Gel Cream is, again, super lightweight, yet incredibly hydrating.  Are we noticing a theme here?  This is no cream, though, this is such a feather-soft gel texture that it's surprising how nourishing it is.  It also has illuminating properties, so it gives you the finish of some fresh, young model backstage at Fashion Week.  While I have combination-to-dry skin, I think a multitude of skin types can use this formula.  Even people with oily skin need moisture, and this lightweight formula is a great place to start.    

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