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Aug 28, 2015

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops

Cover FX really wants me to live my best life.  First, they came out with Custom Cover Drops (aka, a biracial girl's dream-come-true), and now they've come out with skincare drops that let you customize your moisturizer &/or makeup with nourishing ingredients. 
What they are is concentrated skincare ingredients that you can add to just about anything, according to your skincare needs.  Add them to your foundation or tinted moisturizer (or to your custom cover drops).  Add them to the moisturizer you already use.  Or use them on their own to spot treat your face.  It's brilliant in its simplicity.  If you need moisture in your life, use the F+ Neroli Hydrating formula.  And who doesn't need moisture?  If you have rosacea, breakouts, or any other inflammation, use the E + Chamomile Calming formula.  If a toned, radiant complexion is what you're after, use the C + Lemongrass Radiance formula.  Last, but certainly not least, if you're looking for anti-aging, go with A + Jasmine.  Honestly, there is a place for all 4 in my life.  This morning I used 1 drop of the Anti-Aging on my forehead wrinkles, 1 drop of the Radiance on some dark spots I have from acne scarring, 1 drop of the Calming on a mean, inflamed breakout I have near my nose, and 2 drops of the Hydrating mixed with my moisturizer over my entire face.  Was I being excessive this morning when I did that?  Possibly.  But it's my duty to test the product for you, dear reader!         

 I will say all of the formulas smell great, are super light, and so concentrated that you only need to use a tiny drop.  These are going to be great for people with combination skin, and for transitioning skincare from season to season.  I like them for thinning out foundation as well, so you get a sheer, dewy coverage.  If you're going for the Anti-aging formula, make sure to wear sunscreen because it has Retinol in it, but you should already be using sunscreen every day anyways!
Don't worry oily-skin friends, these are light enough for you to use as well.  Start small with a drop and take it from there.  Also, I have it on good authority that there is more versions coming down the pipeline that will appeal to people who want to mattify their skin.  But I ain't one to gossip...

See, even my dachshund, Stanley, can't resist the allure of Custom Infusion Drops.  Don't be fooled by his sweet face, though, he was relentlessly trying to bite into the boxes just before I snapped this picture.  

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