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Aug 27, 2015

Beauty By Benz Approved: O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm

WOW.  We have to talk about this, y'all.  This stuff is ridiculously amazing.  A beauty publicist recently told me I need to try Original Mineral Project Surkuroi, but sometimes I take that info with a grain of salt.  A publicist's job is to talk about their client's products, right?  But something in her voice told me this stuff was the truth, and I'm glad I listened.
The brand calls it "The Midas Tub" and it's not just for the outside packaging.  Inside is a sparkly gold hair cream that makes your hair soft, delicious smelling, and gives just a little bit of cool texture.  Like a pomade, but way WAY better.  It's as if a pomade, and an oil, and a cream all had a baby.  It softens hair and adds shine, but is not greasy.  The key ingredients are Gold of Pleasure Oil (aka oil from the Camelina plant, that has similar healthy fatty acid properties to flax seed oil), Macadamia oil, and Keratin.  What it does NOT have is a bunch of parabens, sulfates, and other stuff you don't want on your scalp.  The O&M brand it committed to using botanicals and essential oils to make your hair healthy, and not a bunch of chemical fillers.  Plus, a lot of their ingredients are sourced in their home of Australia (like the macadamia oil in the product), and I love anything Australian, but I digress.       
The name of the product comes from a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer, called Kintsukuroi.  The idea is to make a broken pot more beautiful with gold color, rather than trying to disguise the flaws.  O&M took that idea and was inspired to make the hair more beautiful with each use, utilizing nourishing ingredients to make the hair more healthy, rather than cover up the damage with harsh ingredients.  It can be used on damp hair to heat style, and/or on dry hair.  I've been using it every single day this week so I have a feeling I'm going to go through these tubs super fast.  Move over, all other products in my hair arsenal, because this product is replacing most of you.            

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  1. Do you recommend it for curly hair? My daughter has natural, curly hair that is pretty loose and semi thick when air dried (not Afro type), but is dry. Is the texture gummy that might weigh her hair down or is it light enough to keep it tamed?



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