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Aug 18, 2015

All The Reasons I Love Dr. Jart +'s New Dermask Line

I love a good sheet mask.  I also love Dr. Jart+ products.  Combine the two and you can basically just take all my money directly from my wallet and deposit it at the nearest Sephora.  I digress.
Never fear if you're a fan of Dr. Jart+'s original sheet masks, because they're not going anywhere.  This new mask line is just an expansion on the existing awesomeness.  This new line is comprised of 9 individual masks, which are separated into 4 different "Jet" lines.
Water Jet is the HYDRATING line that is all about the Hyaluronic Acid.  There is a Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution mask to hydrate tired skin, and then a Soothing Hydra Solution that hydrates and soothes the skin.

Micro Jet is the BRIGHTENING line, which is like doing a peel, but, ya know, not having to be traumatized by actually doing a peel.  Micro Jet Brightening Solution brightens dark spots and acne scars without the trauma of having to go to a dermatologist.  The Micro Jet Clearing Solution brightens the skin as well, but also helps to soothe sensitive skin and help with blemish control for future breakouts.

Intra Jet masks are the ANTI-WRINKLE phenoms of the line.  The titles are pretty self-explanatory.  There's one for firming and one for less wrinkles.  Done and done.  

And Spot Jet is the CONTOURING line, which is like doing Botox.  Except not having to do Botox! These masks are specific, targeted hydrogel patches for the areas of your face you'd like to "fill". The Cheek & Eye Lift is the one I probably need, but then there's the Laugh Line Lift, which I'm now wondering if could be good for this random wrinkle I have on my forehead that is bothering me, and finally, there's a Neck & Chin Lift mask.

But can we be honest, guys and gals?  Is the REAL reason I love the masks that the packaging is little pills?  I mean, it's very aesthetically pleasing to me and I'm a packaging junkie all the way.  Or is it the fact that there's actually something nice that you can buy at Sephora for $6-$12?  No matter the reasons, I think it's pretty clear that I'm excited about this launch.      

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