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Jun 26, 2015

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer

 Isn't it almost annoying when a fashion designer comes out with a makeup line that is THIS good?  It's like enough already, we get it, you're super chic and a brilliant designer.  Stop making me spend all of my money!  Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer is for the girls that love gloss.  As the name implies, these are about high shine.  I'd almost use the word dazzling.  And being the gloss lover that I am, I think these are fantastic.  I think there are about 18 shades, but here are swatches of the 3 that I received here:
From left to right; Uproar, Love Drunk, and Moonglow.  Uproar is the sheerest of the 3; a super pretty sheer coral with some sparkle to it.  Definitely a great summer color.  Love Drunk is my FAVORITE of the 3.  It's a super universal mauve shade that has just a touch of bronze in it.  Moonglow is a light pink shade that I feel like the nude-lovers and the Kim Kardashians of the world will love.  I have pale lips already so I usually don't like to add more paleness on top of them, but I'll reserve this for a night when the dramatic makeup is coming out.  They are all super creamy for comfortable wear, and they actually smell faintly of mint.    
The Marc Beauty team came up with some suggested hi-shine pairings (almost like how delicious a wine and cheese pairing is for your mouth, these lip and nail pairings will have you looking sexified in an instant).  
Some Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquers from left to right; Le Charm, Jezebel, and Petra.  They suggest pairing Le Charm (a rose copper with a ton of shimmer) with Uproar.  Jezebel (not just a great name, but a great black cherry color) goes back to Moonglow for an ultimate date-night look.  And, not surprisingly, my favorite of the nail shades, Petra, goes back with my favorite lip shade, Love Drunk.  
Here's a close-up look of Petra, a bronzed-purple with enough shimmer to make it look textural.

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