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Mar 26, 2015

My Post-Lash Extension Journey

I 100% know that the eyes are the "windows to the soul", yet somehow that hasn't stopped me from abusing them my whole life.  I didn't start using an under eye cream until I was 28 years old (the horror!), and more recently I've gotten hooked on eyelash extensions.  My older, wiser self should probably know that they're a terrible idea and not good for your eyelashes, but I can't help but want those long, feathery suckers glued onto my eyes.  Now that I'm taking a break from eyelash extensions, I'm trying to take care of my poor, broken-lashed eyes and make them look slightly presentable for public settings.  Here's what's in my eye arsenal at the moment:

A necessity whether you've had lash extensions or not, and want beautiful butterfly lashes.  This stuff really works, and there's no worry about "dark iris pigmentation" or any other tomfoolery.  It conditions the lashes and brows with a patented Hexatein™1 Complex, which is a unique mix of six lash-boosting ingredients, for super fast results.  In less than a month you might see results (I know I did!).  I have pretty sensitive eyes as well and had no issues with redness or irritation while using this.  

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner
Whilst my lashes are recuperating, great eyeliner is even more of a necessity than usual.  A perfectly drawn line really close to the natural lash line (and a little bit in between the lashes) helps me to fake a fuller lash appearance.  Plus this is just a fun product for your inner artist.  It was inspired by a painter's palette, where you squeeze the paint on the palette surface, and pick the pigment up on your artist's brush that comes with.  The brush is so thin that it helps you to pick up the right amount without overdoing it, because the cream is a beautifully pigmented jet black and you only need a little bit.  It's also made with Amazonian Clay, so instead of getting greasy during the day and smudging, the clay absorbs oil so your liner actually stays put for 12 hours (or more).  

Let's be serious, if you haven't tried Illamasqua makeup brushes yet, you need to get on it!  Pictured here are the Angled Brush and the Fine Eyeliner Brush With Cover; both of which are fabulous for brows and eyeliner applications.  

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel 
While we're in painting mode, we should discuss brows.  Brows are mandatory these days.  Especially if you have blonde brows like mine that are near transparent.  Good brows might distract from any other eye evil that is happening, like a lack of lashes.  This Illamasqua formula (now available at Net-A-Porter!) is a creamy gel formula that you only need the teeniest bit to give you perfect brows.  The key is to basically draw/fill in your natural brow hairs (or lack thereof) in the same direction as your natural brow growth.  It blends in sooooo easily and stays put all day.  And, bonus, unlike a lot of brow colors out there, there is actually a shade for redheads!   
4 shades available: 
Awe (blonde)
Glimpse (auburn)
Stare (ebony) 
Strike (brunette) 

So back to lashes for a moment.  One thing you don't want to do, pre, during, or post extensions, is pull your natural eyelashes out.  We have all been there, and it hurts.  One of the easiest ways to pull your lashes out is when you're reapplying mascara.  Urban Decay, who I almost get tired of loving so much, has come up with a mascara reviver.  This serum goes on top of your old mascara application and handles all types of issues.  It separates them, WITHOUT tugging, and softens them so that you can apply a fresh coat of mascara for a night out.  Plus it moisturizes the lashes with copper powder and panthenol so that it's actually improving your lash health over time.  Seriously brilliant.      

Kate Somerville True Lash Lash Enhancing Makeup Remover
And let's talk about taking it all off.  Obviously we know it's a good idea to take your makeup off at night, kids, but why not simultaneously strengthen your lashes while you're doing it?  This Kate Somerville formula has a "SymLash226 Complex" that strengthens and promotes lash growth.  Don't worry about the ingredients, because we're talking avocado oil, green tea, white tea, fig blossom, sodium hyaluronate, chamomile, and aloe vera.  What you get is something the effectively takes your makeup off, moisturizes the eye area, reduces under-eye puffiness, AND promotes lash growth in just a few weeks.  My tired, broken, puffy, sad eyes didn't know what they were missing until I was introduced to this puppy.  

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