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Oct 26, 2014

Body By Benz: Lululemon's new line of reflective gear

Ok, I'll admit it here for the world to see that, although I love so many different types of workouts, I HATE RUNNING.  I actually used to run on my track team in high school but after 2 knee surgeries on my right knee, running and I don't particularly get along these days.  I respect the hell out of runners but I'm a bit of a crybaby with my knee as of late.  Maybe one day I'll get back into it?  Not going to lie, there's something about Lululemon's new collection of reflective gear that makes me want to get back into it, and it makes me want to run AT NIGHT.  Don't worry, I'm fully aware that these are strange thoughts that I'm having, but let's look at the collection, which is launching in stores now.    

The collection starts at $14 (for a moisture-wicking headband) and goes up to about $228 for the star piece of the collection; the seriously reflective Bright Bomber Jacket.  In typical Lululemon fashion, skirts/shorts will run you around $58/$68, and the reflective tights are about $108.        

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