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Aug 5, 2014

Mally Beauty Simple Steps to a U, U Love

Ok I have a few guilty pleasures in life, and one of them is all-in-one makeup kits.  The problem is that frequently when I get home I find that it's not really all-in-one and that there's some crucial piece missing.  Like you get home with your makeup kit and start applying, only to realize that the kit doesn't come with a mascara.  I mean, how can you call yourself an all-in-one kit without MASCARA?  But I digress.
The Mally Beauty Simple Steps to a U, U Love kit ($59.98 on really has everything you need to do your whole face in a few minutes.  I'm not kidding.  It comes with 8 pieces, and when in life can you get 8 beauty products for that price, even at a drugstore?      
The kit comes with both the makeup and the essential tools to create a natural, perfected face in a few minutes.  It comes with a Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation, which comes in a compact with a sponge applicator, but you can also apply it with the amazing mini brush that comes in the kit.  Or let's be serious, you can still apply it with your fingers if you prefer, but just in case you have all the tools you need in the kit.
It also comes with one of Mally's cult products: Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener.  This is a concealer and under-eye brightener to hide your dark circles.  Then you have everything you need for your eyes in the kit, with an Evercolor Shadow Stick, Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner, and Mally's Volumizing Mascara.  Oh, and don't worry because the eyeliner comes with a little brush on the end to help you blend, and the kit comes with a pencil sharpener.  See, told you everything you needed was in there!  Last, but certainly not least, you can give your lips a little pop of color and moisture with Mally's creamy Nourishing Lipstick.        
What more do you need?

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