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Aug 15, 2014

JINsoon x Tess Giberson Fall 2014 Nail Collection

Ah JINsoon... the brand (and the woman behind the brand) has become a favorite of mine for the unbelievably long-lasting nail colors, but also for her fashion-forward collaborations with designers.  JINsoon's newest fall collection is a collaboration with designer Tess Giberson, made to complement Giberson's Fall/Winter 2014 runway show.  Jin Soon Choi collaborated Tess Giberson to create a collection inspired by taking classic American sportswear, and making it into contemporary, cool style.  , effortless, luxurious style.  It's all about transformation.  
“In the Fall collection, silhouettes are consistent with the original garments but reworked into something contemporary and playful,” Tess Giberson says. “A sporty rag rug sweater transforms into a loosened-up contemporary design, the classic Fair Isle sweater gets a metallic touch, traditional baseball dresses are detailed with sequins, and pleated leather skirts are reassembled.”
Jin Soon Choi decided to give the nail colors in her collection the same transformative effect that Giberson gave her clothes.  She added subtle effects to the colors, like shimmer, texture, and speckles, to create dimension.  And let's not forget that the colors themselves, even without the extra dimension, are spectacular pigments.  Nocturne is a dark metallic greyish-black that should pretty much be a staple in any New York girl's arsenal.  Pastiche is a shimmery apricot shade that is somehow appropriate to wear year-round.  Heirloom is an incredible turquoise shade that must be seen to be believed.  Mélange is a silver with dark grey speckles, and Farrage is a bordeaux shade with a hint of gold sparkle. 
The colors are fantastic by themselves, but check out some nail art by Jin Soon below using the new fall shades:
Pastiche and Heirloom

Heirloom and Mélange

Nocturne, with a squiggle drawn through the polish with a nail art dotting tool

Pastiche and Heirloom

Mélange and Farrage

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