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May 3, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Drink Recipes

Some of my favorite things in life: Margaritas, and holidays that Manhattanites use as a thinly veiled excuse to drink margaritas.  It's time for Cinco de Mayo parties, my friends, and SkinnyGirl Cocktails has cooked up some recipes for us to enjoy.

Margarita de Celebracion
·         5 parts Skinnygirl® Margarita
·         Sliced jalapenos, muddled
·         Lime wedge for garnish
·         Salt for rim

Preparation: Salt the rim of margarita glass. Pour Skinnygirl® Margarita over ice and add muddled jalapenos. Garnish with lime wedge. 

Mexican Margarita
·         5 parts Skinnygirl® Sweet’arita
·         Handful of frozen grapes
·         Sugar or Splenda for rim
·         Lime garnish (optional)

Preparation: Coat the rim of a margarita glass with sugar. Pour Skinnygirl® Sweet’arita over frozen grapes and garnish with a lime. 

If you're not into mixing up your drinks, and prefer the kind that are already made, try the 2 newest additions to the SkinnyGirl line: Sweet’arita and Sparkling Margarita.  
Sweet’arita has the same low calorie count as the original (less than 100 cals per serving) but is a little sweeter for people who are into that, like myself.  Sparkling Margarita is fun for those who are into the bubbly (again, like myself!).  It's slightly sweet, with a hint of line and plenty of fizz; the perfect drink for summer.     

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