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Feb 9, 2014

New York Fashion Week: Backstage at Tibi Fall 2014

In a sea of nude nails and nude lips at Fashion Week, I finally got a little rocker vamp action in my life when I went backstage at the Tibi show.  Antoinette Beenders gives us a subtle, yet somehow totally bad ass braid, using Aveda products.  Kim Soane gives us a bold brow and even bolder aubergine lip using Bobbi Brown.  Jin Soon rounds the look out with a nature-inspired nail that I will 100% be replicating this week.   

The hair:
Beenders prepped the models' hair with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep to give it volume, but also to give it a little grip when she did the braid.  She braided the top, middle section of the hair into a reverse corn-row style braid, fastening with an elastic at the crown of the head.    

She also gave the girls mini braids underneath the hair, starting around by the ears and fastening near the nape of the neck.  This is a sneaky little trick to keep the hair off of the face without having to tuck it behind the ears.  Beenders then used Control Force hairspray all over the head.  She braided all the remaining hair in a very loose braid and went over it with a flat iron to give the girls a barely-there wave.  If you have the luxury of time, which these models don't have backstage, Beenders recommends sleeping in the loose braid overnight so you wouldn't need to go over it with a flat iron.  To finish the look, she unraveled the loose braid, tousled the hair with her fingers, and finished with some more Aveda Control Force hairspray.  

The makeup:
Soane opted for clean, beautiful skin, and then really popped the look with a bold lip.  She started by perfecting the skin with Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and the Corrector.  Then for a flawless foundation look she used the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, and set the look with Retouching Powder.  On the cheeks she wanted a little glow, but not a bright pop of color to take away from the lip, so she opted for the Finishing Powder in Nude.       

On the eyes, Soane started with Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Base before applying Eye Shadow in a tone that was appropriate for the models' individual skin tones.  She lined the eyes with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink, and coated the lashes with Everything Mascara.  Soane filled in the models' brows Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, applying with the slanted Eye Brow Brush.  The real pop of this look is the Bobbi Brown Port Lip Color which, alas, is not available until Fall 2014.        

The nails:
Ok, I must warn you that you're going to see a LOT of nude nails from the fall 2014 runways.  Pretty boring, right?  But Jin Soon Choi, who could never give us a boring nail, gave us nude with a twist.  This nail look was inspired by an old childhood memory of blowing on dried dandelions.  She started with JINsoon Power Coat, and applied 2 coats of Nostalgia, a nude that actually looks good on multiple skin tones because of its peachy tone.  She topped the nude off with Polka White (coming out this spring) to give that random snow-flakey effect on the nail, then finished the nail with a layer of JINsoon Top Gloss.    

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