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Nov 19, 2013

Get the look: Project Runway All-Stars look (episode 4)

What: Project Runway All Stars Season 3
(Episode 4)
Hair: Michael Shaun Corby 
(Alterna Haircare Global Creative Director)

          How to:
           -Corby prepped the model's dry hair with a small amount of the Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist from the ears down to the ends of hair (tousling with hands to quickly dry the spray).
      -Next, he used a  ¼” curling iron to curl the ends of the hair in small sections, only rolling the curl up towards the ears.  
      *Insider tip – keep the hair close to the scalp free of curl so it will lay flat to the head.
·         -Next, Corby sprayed Caviar Working Hairspray on the curled ends and allowed them to cool.
      -Using a large paddle brush, he brushed the hair in an upward motion to create pillowy volume at the ends. 
·          -He then applied  Caviar CC Cream from the scalp to the ears to define the style and keep it shiny.     
-To finish the look, he sprayed with Caviar Extra Hold Hairspray.  

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