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Mar 10, 2013

Jane Iredale launches new and improved PureGloss formula

From top to bottom: Snow Berry, Beach Plum, and Red Currant
If you're like me and have started to realize that NATURAL IS BETTER when it comes to what you're putting on your skin, you'll be equally as excited as I am for the relaunch of Jane Iredale's PureGloss ($24).  There will be 18 shades (11 new shades, along with 7 old best-selling shades that will be re-launched with this new formula) of beautiful color that you won't feel nervous about putting on your lips.  The PureGloss contains no petroleum-based products, so you won't feel guilty if you lick your lips all day, but it also doesn't feel tacky or sticky on your lips.  The formula is made up of organic oils like Moringa Butter, Lotus Flower Wax, and Orange Peel Wax.  The flavor comes from Blackberry and Pomegranate extracts, rather than artificial ingredients that taste like pure sugar.  These extracts coincidentally protect the lips from environmental stressors, at the same time as they're hydrating your lips and tasting delicious.  
Come for the natural ingredients, stay for the beautiful shade range.  You'll fall in love like I have.  

Top row: Snowberry, Pink Smoothie, Bellini, Tangerine, Nectar, Beach Plum, Spice, Sangria, Red Currant, and Crabapple. 
Bottom row: Black Cherry, Soft Peach, Iced Mocha, Raspberry, Pink Candy, Candied Rose, Sugar Plum, Cosmo.   

From left to right: Snow Berry, Beach Plum, and Red Currant

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