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Mar 6, 2013

Get the look: Mila Kunis at the Oz the Great and Powerful Premiere in London

Who: Mila Kunis
What: The London premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful
Hair: Mara Roszak
Photographer Credit: Fred Duval / FilmMagic

Mila Kunis is enviable for oh so many reasons, but her hair is certainly at the top of the list. Here’s how stylist Mara Roszak created her sleek, shiny ‘do:
-First, Roszak applied Moroccanoil Treatment to Mila’s damp hair starting at the ends and working her way up.
-Then, using a Moroccanoil Round Brush, Roszak blew the hair dry (making sure the ends were straight, rather than curling the brush under at the ends).
-Roszak set the top and crown of Mila’s hair in medium Velcro rollers for volume.
-After the hair was dry, Roszak used a 1” flat iron on the hair, before misting with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.
-To finish the look, she lightly sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium, adding a touch to her fingers to tame any remaining flyway’s on Mila’s hair.

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