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Feb 5, 2013

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder

My obsession with Hourglass Cosmetics continues.  It's been an on-going saga that my          wallet does not much appreciate, but my skin has definitely been thanking me for.  I first learned about the genius that is Hourglass when they launched their Opaque Rouge lip colors, and I've never looked back.  Not a day goes by that I don't prep my skin with No 28 Serum before putting on makeup, or even days when I'm not wearing makeup at all.  
Now they've come out with their new Ambient Lighting Powders ($45 each), which are the next best thing to carrying your own personal lighting crew around with you.  If you're not a celeb or don't have the means to employ your own personal photographer to retouch images of you, you might find these powders to be a much more practical solution.  These powders are meant to diffuse the way light is reflected on skin, in order to brighten the appearance, conceal skin imperfections, minimize pores, and hide wrinkles.  The powders utilize micro-sized soft focus particles to refract light, rather than shellacking your face in heavy creams or concealers.  
It comes in 6 flattering varieties:
A soft, pale yellow powder you can use to reduce redness. Think morning sunrise. ETHEREAL LIGHT: 
An opalescent sheer, cool white powder to mimic moonlight.  
A sun-kissed golden beige powder.  Think sunlight and warmth.  
A soft, sheer lavender pink powder that is brightening and universally flattering on any skin tone.  
A neutral peach beige powder that can be used on warm or cool skin tones (not easy to find something that can go with both!) 
A champagne pearl powder. Think romantic candlelight...just in time for Valentine's day.  

Just in case you need the proper tools to apply your powder, I'm going to have to recommend the Ambient Powder Brush ($35). This brush is so soft and delicious, I had a slight panic moment thinking that it was real animal hair.  I don't judge people out there who use real hair brushes, because frankly I just recently learned a few years ago that MOST brushes out there are real animal hair, but since I found this out I've been on a mission to find good synthetic brushes.  This brush has really densely-packed Taklon bristles (aka, a good synthetic material for brushes) and feels so luxurious you will definitely try to find other powders to apply with it.  

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