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Jan 31, 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER Make Up Bag Remix Tour starts tomorrow!

As a blogger and a makeup artist there is one thing that I've learned about the beauty industry that really stresses me out.  Most women don't know what to do with the makeup they own.  Maybe it was a gift.  Maybe they got suckered into buying it because of a salesperson at a department store.  Whatever the case may be, there are so many women out there with the equipment for runway-worthy makeup applications, and they simply don't know what to do with all of it.  It's totally understandable, since the beauty industry has so many brands, colors, textures, and tools.  
MAKE UP FOR EVER, a professional brand that you can find in every makeup artist's kit, has already done genius work by making themselves accessible to all women, not just the pro's.  But now they've announced some major news for all the women out there who don't know what to do with what they've already got.   They're launching a mobile tour designed to educate consumers on how to do their own makeup, rather than have it done for them.  During the Make Up Bag Remix tour, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s team of pro artists will take a look inside consumers’ make up bags and teach them how to properly use what they already own and toss the products that are the wrong shade or texture.  The best part is that they're teaching you to use what you own REGARDLESS OF THE BRAND.  So this isn't a crazy sales pitch or gimmick to make you buy their makeup.  They're teaching you to use what you've already spent good money on.  It really is more like a makeup school than a makeup application.  
Here are the tour dates:
  • Los Angeles, CA: February 1st – 3rd
    San Francisco, CA: February 9th – 10th 
    Las Vegas, NV: February 16th – 17th 
    Dallas, TX: February 23rd – 24th 
    Miami, FL: March 2nd – 3rd 
    New York, NY: March 9th – 10th 
     Boston, MA: March 23rd – 24th 
  • Chicago, IL: April 6th – 7th 
    Toronto, ON: April 13th – 14th 
Consumers can book appointments for 30 minute one-on-one make up bag evaluations, where they will learn how to use their makeup.  They will leave with not only an understanding of what to do, but a custom face chart showing how to use the products they brought with them, and a list of any additional products recommended by the artist to round out their look. A professional photographer will also be on-site to capture each client’s “after” look, which will be uploaded to an album on the MAKE UP FOR EVER USA Facebook page.
For those on-the-go with limited time, MAKE UP FOR EVER will have make up stations dedicated to quick lip and complexion touch ups featuring their new Pro Finish compact foundation.  
How can this get any better?  Well MAKE UP FOR EVER just announced that they've partnered with actress Christina Ricci to design a limited-edition MAKE UP FOR EVER Remix Make Up Bag that will debut on February 1st at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Make Up Bag Remix tour’s first stop in Los Angeles.  Ricci’s Remix Make Up Bag is black faux leather with gunmetal studs, metallic silk screening, and a geometric red lip design.   

Customers can book appointments now for their 30 minute one-on-one make up bag evaluations by visiting the brand's Facebook page.

The limited edition Remix Make Up Bag by Christina Ricci for MAKE UP FOR EVER will be available to consumers visiting the Make Up Bag Remix tour, as well as on The bag retails for $30, or $45 with a Pro Finish Multi-Use Compact Foundation (a $66 value).

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