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Jan 20, 2013

Beauty By Benz approved: Too Faced The Secret To No Makeup Makeup

I've been a long-time fan of Too Faced for so many reasons; their stance on cruelty-free products, the fun names and packaging on their products, the beautifully-pigmented shades they come up with.  But just as much as I love the dramatic makeup that they come out with, I'm equally in love with the fuss-free makeup kits that allow customers to create natural, beautiful makeup looks.  Their BB Cream is in my top 3 in the whole marketplace (It might even be my number one!) and their Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer changed everything for me in regards to eye makeup.
The reason for me telling you all this is not just to rave about their best-sellers, but to let you know exactly how excited I am for this new product: The Secret To No Makeup Makeup face palette.  Dare I say it?  This may just be my favorite new product launch this spring.  It's still early, so maybe I won't jump to conclusions, but I've used it every day since it fell into my greedy little hands.  I've used it on every friend that would let me get that close to their faces.      
Wanna know all the reasons I'm so obsessed with this new palette?  Let us count the ways:
1.  It's $39, which is a total steal for a kit that has 6 products in it.  If you were to buy a separate bronzer, cream blush, powder blush, concealer, luminizer, and brightener, it would probably cost you in the neighborhood of $100-$120.
2. It's super-easy to use, but if you don't know how to use all the products in the kit, you can rely on the  How-To cards to create several different looks.
A sneak-peek at the how-to cards

3. Fun fact: Too Faced co-founder and creative director, Jerrod Blandino, was inspired to create this palette by the movie Bridesmaids.  You know the part where Kristen Wiig was in the bathroom primping so that John Hamm would think she just woke up all naturally-glowy?  Well Jerrod had no idea we ladies went to such ridiculous measures to fool men into thinking we look that flawless in the morning, so he made a kit that allows us to keep up with the charade.
4. It's perfectly-portable.  This cute little metal tin slips perfectly into your purse or clutch, is lightweight, and you can basically use your fingers to apply everything if you're without makeup brushes.
I can go on and on, but check the colors out for yourself:

My 5-minute makeup look using the kit.  
I used my fingers for everything but the Bronzing Veil!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! It feels awesome on your face because it doesn't feel like anything! It enhances all of your amazing qualities naturally! It's a must have!

    Thanks for the great advice Lisa! This is by far one of my favorite palets! I am going to Sephora today to purchase mine :)

  2. This palette looks really nice on you! I'm probably late, but can't wait to try it! :)



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