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Dec 16, 2012

Holiday gift guide: beautifying your man edition

When it comes to the men in your life it's always a new IPad or some technology-related gifts they're asking for, right?  Which is great, but you also have to buy them the stuff they won't buy for themselves.  If you don't go to Sephora and buy your man a nice face moisturizer, please don't think he's going to go in there ON HIS OWN and buy it.  For those of us that are not prepared to leave it up to the men in our lives to take care of the dry skin, scaly feet, and general grossness that they are so comfortable with, we can use the holidays as an excuse to sneak in remedies to these ailments.  Secretly disguised as nice gifts, we can cover up the smells and patch up the skin of the men that we love.  At least that's my strategy around holiday time.  Here are some of the faves that my fellas might find under the tree this year.  

For dad:
James Bond 007 fragrance ($40).  Cause, let's be serious, my dad wishes he was 007.  Or Chuck Norris.  Or basically any action guy from the past few decades.  But also because fragrance is not the kind of thing my outdoorsy dad is going to buy for himself.  He's been married to my mom for 33 years now, and he pretends to be a bad-ass, but he's really just a big softy, so I might as well give him a moment to feel like a super spy in the morning while he's getting ready.  The fragrance is totally masculine with notes of Vetiver, sandalwood, & cardamom, but also very clean with notes of lavender and apple.     
For the brother:
The Art of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave kit ($60).  Cause you were around when your little brother (or big brother) started shaving.  Then you were there when he graduated from high school, and then college.  You were there when he walked down the aisle.  You knew him when he was a little boy and now that he's a man, he deserves a Big Boy shaving kit, instead of the cheap-o razor from Walgreen's that he's been using.  The Art of Shaving is like a guy's version of going to the spa, and he deserves a little spa time in his life.  This luxurious kit includes a Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, a Shaving Brush, and an After-Shave Balm.  The brand’s classic scents that you can choose from include Sandalwood, Unscented, Lavender, or Lemon.  

For the boyfriend:
A Birchbox for men subscription ($60 for 3 months, $110 for 6, or $195 for a year).  Because you're the one that has to look at him every day.  Think back to the epic movie Clueless, when Dionne freaked out on Murray for shaving his head at the party.  We've all had a "WTF were you thinking" moment when it comes to the grooming of boyfriends, whether we said it out loud or not.  Birchbox for men gives them the option of testing out deluxe-sized samples of products each month, before they commit to buying the product.  And another bonus is that they can just buy the product on, rather than going into a store that they might think is not manly to shop at (aka, the best stores ever like Sephora).      


  1. Love these amazing ideas especially the BirchBox.

  2. I didn't realize BirchBox was available for men! Great gift idea



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