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Dec 4, 2012

Checking in to Brow-Hab at B London Brow Bar

What: B London Brow Bar at Topshop
When: December 2012
Where: 1st floor of Topshop, 478 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Why: $60 Brow-Hab treatment
Nourishing Brow Oil with Rosemary and Sweet Almond extracts

Blow-dry bars are all the rage, but B London launched the first-ever Brow Bar in 2011 at Henri Bendel.  For all you downtowners that are afraid to trek all the way up to Henri Bendel in MIDTOWN (gasp), B London will be on the first floor of Topshop in Soho through December.  

You can get plenty of treatments done to your brows, like threading and tinting, pamper yourself with their natural beauty products, or even get your lashes done while you’re there, but one of their most notable treatments is Brow-Hab ($60).  

If you've been over-plucked or waxed beyond belief, or are like me and just naturally not lucky in the brow department, B London technicians will shape your brows and give you a B Brow Pencil in your shade to take home to fill in any sparse areas.  Also to take home, you'll bet some B Nourishing Brow Oil to help stimulate growth in between sessions.  The eyebrow shaping and the products you take home are already a great value, but the advice that you get from the B London brow technicians is priceless.  They hold your hand through the arduous process of growing out your brows, tell you what to do in a stray hair emergency, and send you off looking like a well-groomed version of your former self.  I left with a full set of brows, but with a wealth of knowledge about how to care for them, without feeling stupid about what I've been doing to them in the past.  Definitely worth the $60 and I'm 100% going back!  

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