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Nov 22, 2012

Why I can never take just a carry-on on vacation

I need to take a minute to vent about stupid TSA rules.  I know, I know, it's all for our protection, but I'm just going to throw it out there that I'm the least threatening human on the planet.  Even people who I'm all "oh I can't stand her" will end up being my bestie against their will by the time I'm done with them.  I'm obnoxiously huggy and smiley, so it's really annoying to me that I can't just take my full-size friggin shampoo on a plane!
That's all for the venting.  Sorry about that peeps.  Basically I just needed to unload a little bit so I can get to the fun stuff.  My packing essentials for my trip to Puerto Rico today!
I should preface all of this by saying that I'm not an annoying, high-maintenance person while I'm on vacation, and probably will not use half of this stuff.  I just like being prepared for anything that might come up.

Some things that are an absolute necessity:
-A travel-sized Moroccanoil Light, because really?  It's the best stuff on the planet.  It's probably the only product I'll use for my hair because I let it be its natural, wavy self while I'm away.
-Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard for the bf, because if I forget to pack it then he'll have to dip into my product stash and we can't have that, can we?
-Living Proof Restore shampoo & conditioner minis.  I use the full-size every day so I'm glad I have these minis for vacation.
Maybe not necessities?:
-Fresh Sugar Lemon bath cubes... but you never know if the resort will have an awesome soaker tub.
-Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads for face and body...with the amount of sunscreen I'm bringing we may need these.
 Probably will not need this hairspray at all, but you never know.
-I realize this brush is not travel-size but it's the Best. Brush. Ever.  
-I'm bringing manicure stuff because I've already done my nails but they tend to get chipped because of the amount of pool-time I log in while on vacation.  Also, this time we're going to the rainforest!  Show I'm sure they'll look a hot mess by the time the trip's over, and I probably won't care that much.  

Ah, the makeup bag.  It looks like a lot but there's actually zero foundation or tinted moisturizer going with me.  It's all stuff to highlight my glowy vacation skin, like Stila One-Step Bronzer, By Terry Blush Veloutee in Ginger Glaze (amazing for people with freckles, btw), NARS Bronzing stick in Malaysia (a great non-orange bronzer), and Jouer Highlighter in Champagne.  I won't be wearing much eye makeup, but I figure I'd bring some of my Too Faced essentials for fancy dinner nights.  I'm bringing an eyeshadow brush set that's in a cute canister to keep them from getting damaged in my makeup bag, Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, and the Matte Eye Shadow Collection.  
 This product is probably the #1 reason that I can't just pack TSA-Friendly products and be done with it.  Kerastase Chroma-Sensitive Caressing Cleansing Balm rocks my world and I don't even care that they don't make it in travel size.  It's essential for protecting my hair color, and that's all their is to it.  I must have it, so a baggage-fee will be paid.  

 Well, now that I think of it I'm sure this arsenal of sunscreen doesn't help either, but no way I'm trading off a $25 baggage-fee for skin cancer.  No thanks.  Obvs am bringing Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen because I was made a convert during my trip to Miami.

Safe travels to anyone on a plane, train, or automobile this holiday weekend.  Eat lots of turkey for me and I will drink plenty of frozen drinks for you!   

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