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Nov 18, 2012

Get the look: Carly Rae Jepsen at the 2012 American Music Awards

Who: Carly Rae Jepsen
What: 2012 American Music Awards
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Makeup: Tina Turnbow
How to:
-To prep Carly’s skin Tina used the Votre Vu Attentive Serum Delicat Pour Le Visage and Attentive Crème du Jour to moisturize the skin before using any foundation.   
-For the eyes Tina applied Votre Vu Lingerie Pour Le Yeux to create a nude base for the eye shadow to stick to.  
-Next she used a shimmery gold eye shadow by Stila all over the lids to match the dress, then lined the eyes with the Votre Vu Le Joli Crayon in Charbon, smudging it up and out at the edges with the sponge tip to create a slight smoky cat-eye effect.
-Next she applied a black liquid liner on top of the line she just created to add more definition.  
-She finished off the eyes with two coats of the Votre Vu Eiffel Power Mascara, concentrating more on the outer edges. 

-On Carly's cheeks Tina used Votre Vu Vu-On Rouge Cheek and Lip Tint in Bouquet Rose for a natural flush.   

-For Carly's lips, Tina lined them with a pale pink lip liner before lightly brushing on the Vu-On Rouge in Bouquet Rose that was used on the cheeks.
-To set the look, she misted Carly with Votre Vu À Votre Santé spray, which not only smells great, but serves as a setting spray for the makeup while Carly is performing.  

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