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Oct 25, 2012

We need to talk about LORAC Eye Candy Full Face Collection

I see a lot of makeup, and various other beauty products, and am surprised every day with how excited a good eye shadow will make me.  The only things that make me more excited than new makeup launches?  Cheese, my family, dance class, and Shark Week.  Besides that, there's not much that moves me to shriek like an excited teenager like I do when I see a hot new lip color.  The excitement is there EVERY DAY and I feel so fortunate to be writing this blog.  Tonight was an interesting feeling because I got SO excited that I basically ran home to tell you guys about this new LORAC Eye Candy Full Face Collection (and I hate running).  It contains 4 eyeshadow palettes (containing 4 shadows each), 1 cream eyeliner palette, and 1 lip color palette, all cleverly wrapped to look like chocolates, housed in a box that looks like something you'd get on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.  Besides the sheer amount of colors in the box, the exciting thing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the price.  
For 16 eyeshadows, 4 cream eye liners, and 4 lip colors?  That's actually insane.  I have no idea why the people at LORAC would bestow such a gift on us, but they have and I suggest you take advantage while the kit is in stock.       

It's brilliant really because you can keep the whole thing for yourself, or you can split the palettes up and give them away as stocking stuffers.  With 6 palettes in one box you can keep 3 for yourself and give 3 to your besties!  
Palettes include:

Ooh La La Vanilla nude eye shadow palette
Blackberry Truffle Seduction smokey eye shadow palette
Caramel Love Affair golden eye shadow palette
Tantalizing Cocoa bronze eye palette
Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate cream eye liner palette
Indulge In Berry Kisses cheek & lip tint palette

The set is limited edition and available exclusively at Sephora, so get 'em while they're hot.  

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