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Oct 15, 2012

Skin saviors: treat your skin right while we transition to cold weather season

Transitioning from season to season.  Great for layering to create cute outfits… not so great for your poor skin.  Even the oiliest of skin types start to feel the effects of the cold air seeping in.  Dry patches start popping up and exfoliation becomes extremely important.  So does mega-moisturizing treatments, and caring for red, sensitive patches that crop up.  You don’t necessarily need to uproot your entire routine, but you certainly need to add to it to help protect skin from the elements.  Here are some items I’ve been contemplating as of late to help ramp up my routine:   

For cleansing: 

Clarisonic + EVE LOM set ($149)
Available exclusively at now through December, this cleansing duo includes the white Clarisonic Mia 2 and EVE LOM's Morning Time Cleanser.  Cleansing is obviously a super important part of your skincare routine, and The Clarisonic Mia 2 is said to remove six times more makeup than manual cleansing.  This is pretty life-altering if you’ve ever used a toner after cleansing and noticed on that white cotton pad that your cleanser didn’t remove all the dirt and makeup (not even close).  The thought of all that city dirt and makeup staying on my skin totally skeeves me out, but more important than my mental issue is NOT having all that goo on your skin so your moisturizers can sink into truly clean skin.  (and subsequently give you a more flawless makeup application!)  EVE LOM's Morning Time Cleanser contains ingredients like papaya fruit, Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove, and carrot oil to gently exfoliate the skin and keep it looking radiant.  The Mia 2 and the Morning Time Cleanser seems like a match made in Heaven to me.    

For oomphing up your everyday routine:

Physician’s Formula Laser Resurfacing Serum ($21.95)
If you’re not up on the serums then you def need to add one to your skincare repertoire.  Physician’s Formula has one that’s on the less expensive side, thank goodness, because serums tend to get QUITE expensive due the high concentration of potent ingredients.  Serums are targeted treatments to help improve skin tone and reverse signs of aging like dullness or discoloration.  This Physician's Formula version contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help with cell turnover (aka more young, healthy cells, less old, dull cells) and Vitamin C to brighten skin.  A special peptide they use is a plant-based peptide used to combat the signs of UV damage, perfect for this time of year when your tan has faded but the dark spots remain.      

For treating sensitivity or rough patches of skin: 
Aquaphor (about $6 for the size pictured here, but it also comes in a giant tub or a travel size) 
This is basically your miracle treatment.  Safe enough to use on babies, it’s certainly safe enough to use on any sensitive skin patches you might have.  I like it for rough patches around my nose area or on any dry skin that’s on top of a blemish.  You can put it on the high planes of your face for a more natural highlighter.  You can use it for dry skin on your lips.  I even put it on skin abrasions...I use Aquaphor the way they use Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I keep one in my makeup kit to use on clients (usually on dry lips) and I keep the travel size in my makeup bag AT ALL TIMES.      

For completely uprooting your routine:
AmorePacific kits at Sephora ($50-$195)

 Unfortunately I’m one of those people that has to completely change my routine when it starts to get cold out. The lightweight moisturizers that I love during the summer usually don’t pack enough punch to get me through the dryness of winter. (Sometimes I’ll just choose to look like a greaseball during summer because I love powerful moisturizers. We’ll see if it helps at all when I’m 65!) I’ve recently been made a convert of AmorePacific after an amazing facial I had there. The line can get pricey because they use only the finest ingredients, and they don’t water it down with… well.. water. You only need the tiniest bit of product since it’s not watered down. But most importantly, after trying the products I saw IMMEDIATE results. I feel like that’s so rare these days. Normally when trying face products I have to try them a few times before I’ll notice a difference, but not with this stuff. But for someone who is not familiar with the products, what then? Should they be expected to pay hundreds of dollars for a product that might not work? That’s where these amazing kits come in. If you’re someone who need to completely re-vamp their skincare routine for the winter, someone who travels a lot, or someone who just wants to get familiar with the line, these kits are phenomenal. (I am somewhat familiar with the line already but I love these little kits!) For some serious recovery, try the Future Response Age Defense Regimen Set ($195). 

The kit comes with a Future Response Crème, a Cleansing Oil, a toner, an eye cream, AND a masque. If you’re a little younger or maybe you don’t need as much moisture, or again are not as familiar with the products, try out the Best Of AmorePacific Moisturizing Age Delay Regimen set ($150). 

The kit comes with a Moisture Bound Rejuvinating Crème, a Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist (this is a personal fave of mine), a serum, and enzyme peel (something I learned about during my facial) and an eye treatment gel that feels amazing. 

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