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Oct 11, 2012

Jennifer Aniston becomes co-owner of Living Proof


Living Proof announced today it is joining forces with Jennifer Aniston as she becomes a co-owner and hair care spokesperson for the company. Everyone knows that Jennifer is known for her locks. She made “The Rachel” style famous and has never once been seen with her hair looking messy. Well except maybe that one time she tried dreads… but even that looked good on her. I’m sure her hair has been through Hell trying to get it to look that good, so a company like Living Proof, that uses science to resolve our day-to-day beauty problems, is a perfect fit for her.


Here’s what Living Proof CEO, Jill Beraud, had to say about the partnership:

“Jennifer embodies everything we stand for – a unique combination of beauty and brains. She not only has the most fabulous hair but is an amazing creative talent, and has shown she is a savvy businesswoman with a serious interest in developing small, innovative companies,”

And here’s what Aniston had to say:

“What caught my attention about Living Proof is the company’s unique approach to hair care -- using scientific technologies to offer women actual proof in a bottle rather than hoping for results. I’ve tried so many hair care products. Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything...blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it. My hair has taken a serious beating. After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day. I could not be more excited to share Living Proof with the world.”

Living Proof has only been around for 5 years, but their beauty-meets-science philosophy is clearly working. They’ve won over 34 industry awards for its hair care products, including 3 Allure beauty awards. Last month, Living Proof introduced its latest product, Prime Style Extender ($20), which is pretty much a new category in hair care. Should we call it a primer? It’s certainly not in the shampoo/conditioner category. MAYBE you can consider it a styling product, but really it’s a solution-based product (in typical Living Proof fashion). In order to accurately describe the product, you need to think of its end use: to maintain your hairstyle. So, working backwards from end use to the beginning, Living Proof concentrated on what causes hair styles to fail in the first place. Humidity is a big one. Damage to the hair shaft. Etc. So the Prime Style Extender set out to fix the problem (in all science-y terms it’s pretty much about the hydrogen bonds in the hair breaking. Think of it like your roof leaking and the water damaging all the hard work you’ve done in the house) rather than weigh the hair down with silicones and synthetics. Living Proof’s patented molecule (OFPMA, which can be found in their other products as well) weightlessly protects the hair, so it extends the life of a hair style, but is also hopefully changing women’s hair care habits. Hair needs to be touched up less (less damage from heat tools), you’re not touching your hair as much (less oil from your hands dirtying up your hair), and less washing in between styling (again, less damage). The beauty of this product is that it’s so lightweight that you can use it in conjunction with any of your other hair products.

I’ve totally been a believer in Living Proof since they came out, but now that Aniston is on board there will certainly be more attention drawn to this awesome brand.

What do you guys think about the partnership with Aniston? What’s your fave product by Living Proof? Has anybody tried Prime yet? I’ve only just started using it and am already in love.

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  1. Congrats to Ms. Aniston! I think this a great move that she made. I have never tried the prime product but will be giving it a test pretty soon. Thanks for the post.



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