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Oct 5, 2012

Benz on a budget: Rimmel London Lash Accelerators

Ok, so before we get into this product, let me tell you my theory on eyelashes and eyebrows.  I think that you should treat them just as nicely as you treat the hair on your head.  It is hair, after all, and as we get older it loses its luster and thickness.  There are plenty of lash serums and treatments out there that promise long, lush lashes.  I don’t know if I believe ALL the hype that surrounds the serums, but there certainly is something to the theory that if you treat them with keratin proteins that are naturally occurring in human hair, then they will be stronger and healthier.  I’ve spent the past 8 months or so treating my lashes this way (with this lash serum and this eye makeup remover) and have noticed a significant difference in both the length and the thickness.  I don’t pretend that they’re now super long, but they’re long compared to what they used to be!  I have blonde lashes, so any additional thickness or length is gladly welcome here.    
There are lash enhancing items out there at all price points, but as someone who wants to treat my lashes healthy every day, I get excited to see some more affordable options out there.  
Rimmel London has come out with 2 different kinds of mascaras for your various needs, both of which strengthen the lashes rather than just applying pigment.  There's also a serum that can be used on your lashes or your brows to fatten those puppies up.  

Volume Accelerator Mascara ($8.99): We all know that mascara instantly fattens up the most sparse of lashes, but this formula actually contains Procapil, Keratin and Caffeine to increase lash length and volume over time. And I’m really enjoying the interesting shape of the applicator brush.  I didn’t think I was going to like it at first, but it’s sort of the shape of my eye… it’s thinner at the point to get into the inner corners nicely, and then thicker at the base which gets all the lashes at the outer corner of the eye.   

Lash Accelerator Mascara ($9.99): This product also contains the Grow-Lash Complex, but the focus here is on length.  This brush is less about getting all the little hairs (though it still does that) and more about long, clump-free lashes.  

Lash Accelerator Serum ($8.99): This powerful serum contains Grow-Lash Complex technology to help lengthen and volumize. The hybrid wand makes it easy to apply to lashes or brows.  The product can be used under mascara or as an overnight treatment, so your lashes can get nourishment 'round the clock.  

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