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A girl who goes to beauty events every single night may feel a little de-sensitized from time to time. One might actually walk in to a Sephora with a full wallet and walk out with nothing because she has everything she could possibly need or want. But every once in a while said girl will get an invite to a party that, to her mascara-minded little brain, is the gala of the year. For me, that party was the Dior Beauty celebratory launch party of, and it happened this evening at Symione Lounge (SL) in the meatpacking district. Not only did I get to check out the fabulousness that is the new website, I got my makeup done by Dior Beauty artists whilst sipping on Miss Dior cocktails. If I was any closer to beauty Heaven, Mary Magdelene would have been the artist doing my makeup. But the artist who DID do my makeup did a fantastic job, and this is what he used (all available for purchase on!):
He started off with some Diorskin Airflash ($60). This is a lightweight, spray foundation that is so easy to use, but gives a flawless finish. The most important part for me is that it doesn't feel like you're wearing heavy pancake makeup. I'd say this is beginner level on the usage scale, but professional level on the quality scale.

Next the artist used Skinflash radiance booster pen ($36) to highlight my cheekbones and cover up some unwanted baggage in my under-eye area. This gave such a great luminosity to my cheeks, I was ready to walk out of the chair without even getting my eyes done.

The lipstick used was Rouge Dior in color #298: Beige Indecise. We don't want to take away from the smokey eye that I naturally requested.
Next up, a little more life was added to the cheeks with Diorskin Shimmer ($44) all over face powder.
Finally, we get to the smokey eye. My favorite look was so easy to create using the 5-color palette ($58) in Amber Design. This a great palette to give you a day look or a smokey-eye for evening.

Obviously the finishing touch was my all time favorite mascara... say it with me now... Dior Show! ($24)
I'm thrilled to be able to get all my favorite Dior Beauty options in one place, along with tips, tricks, and history lessons from the experts. The site is rich in content, including backstage videos, inspiration stories, and even a live auction where you can win a multitude of prizes. Some of the prizes include a trip to France, a private makeover by a Dior Beauty artist, a lunch date with Dior's CEO, and so much more.
Clearly I will be spending the remainder of my night (and what's left in my wallet) on the site. It's basically a beauty lover's paradise, and I'm sure there's even more fabulous content to come.
Happy shopping!
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