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Nov 26, 2010

What I want vs. what I need

I've spent a lot of time during birthday month talking about the things that I want, but in doing a bit of holiday cleaning I've found there's something that I desperately need. As someone who gets a lot of makeup to test, and spends an equal amount of her hard-earned cash on buying even MORE makeup, I seriously need a way to organize it. My biggest problem getting ready in the morning is I never know where any of my fabulous makeup is. The eyeshadow I wanted to try is lying in a gift bag somewhere in the apartment, that new mascara that I love is at the boyfriend's, and where the F is that tinted moisturizer I need to review? You get my drift.
This red croc case from Sephora ($110) might be a little flashy, but there's something I like about this one.
The black version is probably more practical.

Now if I wanted to be really ridiculous, I could buy this MAKE UP FOR EVER train case filled with favorite items of Dany Sanz ($299)...but I think that would be counterproductive.
What's a girl to do?

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