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Nov 28, 2010

New discovery: Anastasia brow gel

Because I'm clearly set on spending every dime I have on makeup that I don't need, I went to Sephora yesterday. Are you surprised? You certainly should not be.
I'm always looking for eyebrow items that require little work, but make an impact on my pale brows. I couldn't find one of my go-to eyebrow items, so the kind women at the Sephora in Soho led me over to the Anastasia counter. I'd never even heard of this brand so I was a bit skeptical that they were leading me in the wrong direction. What I found was a land of every eyebrow product in every shade I could have asked for. I took home with me the Tinted Brow Gel ($21) in Caramel, which is the color between blonde and brunette. I've never heard of a company offering this in-between shade of brow colors, but I was thrilled. Most people offer blonde, brown, and black, but this gel had 5 different colors. Also impressive is the lack of effort it takes to apply because of its mascara-like wand.

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