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Nov 10, 2010

My fascination with FAB: First Aid Beauty

It's no coincidence that First Aid Beauty's initials are FAB. This reasonably priced skin care line is an amazing find for people with sensitive skin, or people who are just trying to become more aware of the kind of ingredients they put on their faces. First Aid Beauty is a brand that is free of chemicals, known allergens, alcohol, parabens, artificial dyes, and fragrances. I've tried a ton of skin products that are "fragrance free", but this actually has zero smell. I tend to buy things that smell pretty, and don't realize until I get them home that these items will irritate my skin. That is clearly not a worry with FAB.
Many thanks to FAB for sending me their Essentials kit. The essentials kit ($15) is a great stocking stuffer, or just a necessity for those who travel. Since this is fragrance-free, this could be a good starter line if you're trying to get the man in your life to care for his skin. The packaging helps if you're trying to pawn this off on a man, trust me. This company made the packaging simple and paid more attention to the ingredients.
The Essentials Kit contains FAB Face Cleanser, FAB Daily Face Cream, FAB Gentle Body Wash, and FAB Body Moisturizer. All items are made to calm redness or irritation, and improve skin to prevent future reactions. Skin is the body's natural barrier, and these products improve the function of that barrier; protecting your insides from what's outside. In New York? It's sometimes scary outside.

After perusing their website, I found products for many skin conditions, such as delaying the signs of aging, eczama, and acne. Some products of note were the Detox Eye Roller, the 5-in-1 Face Cream with SPF 30, and the Anti-Redness Serum. No product was listed on their website for over $38 that I could find, so the line is extremely affordable.

FAB products are available on their website or at Sephora.
Photos courtesy of First Aid Beauty.

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