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Nov 5, 2010

Levi's spring 2011 preview party

Ok, before I get in to Levi's spring 2011 product, I must give a big apology to a lot of party-throwers out there for what I'm about to say. Hands-down, the Levi's Photography Workshop on Wooster St. in NYC is one of the coolest venues I've ever seen a party thrown at. The Photography Workshop is gigantic, filled with vintage cameras, black & white photos, and there's even a chandelier made out of old water jugs. As if that wasn't fine, there was a photo booth and mini ice cream cones to munch on. After having about 75 mini cones, I decided I might as well see what the product looks like.

I saw lots of colored cord, but not heavy since it's spring. It was a really fine gauge cord in some really fun colors.

Loving the purple chambray shirt.

And I think everyone knows at this point how much I'm loving this yellow color for spring. I must have this sweater.

Here's a look at what the models were wearing. The vibe was very boho-hippie-chic, which works just fine for me since that's how I tend to be seen trekking from events, camera in hand. The scene was made to feel like you were at a music festival, and though I was working hard at bringing you all the pertinent information from the spring line... I must admit I indulged in the music, the drinks, the ice cream, and ogling the models.

This model's outfit was my favorite from head-to-toe. The scarf, the lace-up wedges, the slouchy boyfriend jean... totally what I would be wearing on any given Saturday.

Overall, I give this party 2 perfectly-manicured thumbs up. Levi's can do no wrong in my eyes, since they were already my jean of choice, but they have really outdone themselves with this fantastic space, and setting up a relaxing, fun evening for their guests.

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